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get up in brady's face. dont allow him to feel comfortable in the pocket. Remember, Brady is not a mobile or athletic QB. He cant run away from people like most Qb's that Niners have faced.
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
1) Keep the offense creative. Those draw plays with Kaep & LMJ work well and deep shots downfield to Moss

2) Get VD the damn ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Get constant pressure on Brady

4) Akers must play perfect

The man that carried this passing game through the playoffs last year needs to be a much bigger portion of the gameplan every week. The begining of the season it seemed like they were doing that and then got away from it for some reason.
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Originally posted by blm7754:
Personally, I think the Patriots are overrated due to the weak competition the have faced in the AFC this year. I think we will beat them 28-21.

They beat the Rams 59 to 10, or something like that. The same Rams team we couldn't beat this year... in two tries.
Roman if this is you will you get VD THE f**kING BALL. LOL
RUN THE BALL LIKE NOBODIES BUSINESS! Keeps our D fresh and Brady on the sideline.
Crack Skulls
The Dolphins game showed glimpses of how dangerous the read option can be with Kaepernick. This will bode well for us as we head into New England with what will most likely be a run heavy offensive game plan.

Use one of Tom Brady's old weapons against him!
Take Brady and break him in half.

We win.

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I'll be there at the game! It's my first ever game!! I'm excited, can anyone who's been to Foxborough help another 49er bud out!!
Sew Brady's a*****e closed and keep feeding him and feeding him and feeding him....
It makes sense, but it looks weird when they advertise for the game as Aldon Smith and the Niners vs Tom Brady and the Patriots.
Originally posted by Aacadena:
Roman if this is you will you get VD THE f**kING BALL. LOL

Yeah Roman... Throw to VD for goodness sake
Originally posted by TDNiners:

Good clock management
Take less sacks
Be decisive
Throw the WRs open
Throw to Vernon Davis

And when in doubt throw to Crabtree.

If all fails.

Just keep running the ball

And use LMJ as often as possible.
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