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The Patriots are over rated!
Put presure up the middle. Brady can't throw very good if he doesn't have a clean pocket. Keep wispering in Aldons ear about the sack record and turn him loose.
Play better.
This is the kind of stage Aldon loves.
Originally posted by 5280High:
This is the kind of stage Aldon loves.

Night game!
Break Tom Brady's right shoulder?
Good D, a running game & Kaep having a good day. Go niners(!)
I think we can win but we gotta play better.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Score more points than them.

We'll almost always beat them off that happens
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Patriots tend to struggle against physical teams - 49ers will have to out-physical them.

Also need to put points on the board - less FGs.

Maybe special teams could step up as well. They have been under-performing all year.

Rip their beating hearts out of their chests and squeeze it over their corpse like a lemon wedge over a boiled Maine lobster.
5% passing plays/95% running plays
I'm going with score more points.
Originally posted by PA9erFaithful:
Break Tom Brady's right shoulder?

That is probably the best answer I could think of. I hate for anyone to get hurt on any team so IDK
Got it...lure the Patriots Offense to the Devonshire and State Street intersection, call the red coats and tell them that there is a Tea Party uprising.

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