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which 3 former/current 49ers would you kill an hour shooting the breeze with?

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Former - Joe, Jerry, Steve.

Current - Willis, Gore, Justin
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Old: Steve, Jerry, and TO

New: Gore, Alex, Willis
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Joe, Ronnie, JH
The gold rush!
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Don't know about killing but i would love to chat with Roger Craig, Joe Montana & hmm...Jerry Rice
Ronnie Lott.

Monster Safety, War Stories, USC Alum

You could add Tim McDonald to that list.
Former: Steve, Jerry, Brent Jones

Current: Justin Smith, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore

Would DEFINITELY shotgun a Bud heavy with Justin Smith.
Staley...vernon....aldon...players I don't know a lot about that seems seems like I already know the older niners such as jerry....ronnie...steve ..montana the list gos if you ere asking what 3 guys id rather take a trip to vegas and hang with...than that would be dif.
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I'd want to have a conversation with Eddie D, Joe, and Jerry.
Montana, Steve young, lott

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o.j simpson
steve spurrier
lawrence phillips

that would be like xmas morning at the tony soprano and gambino households
former- Steve, Jerry, and Ronnie

current- dashon, crabs, and i'd get another tattoo with kaep
Originally posted by cmix23:
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Ken Dorsey
Jose Cortez
Kentwan Balmer

Jim Druckenmiller
Dana Hall
Reggie McGrew

Mike Rumph
Rashaun Woods
Kwamie Harris

you guys read the title wrong also i see.
Originally posted by kemp_j:
Wow, great question, so many to choose from but I would have to say - Montana, Rice or Lott......

You also mentioned John Taylor whom I feel deserves to be a HOF; he's also on my list.

Current players would be Alex Smith, Patrick Willis, or Vernon Davis.......

He's not a player (now), but I imagine talking to Coach Harbaugh would be interesting as well.......

I like John Taylor as much as the next guy, but come on dude. Hall of Fame? He hasnt even been inducted to the 49ers Hall of Fame, and he deserves to be in the NFL Hall of Fame? Like I said, I loved John Taylor too....but he is not nor will he ever be a Hall of Famer.

My list:

Jerry Rice
Steve Young
Ronnie Lott
Already get to hear Steve Young talk too much on TV so I am going with Montana, Rice, Gore.
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