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which 3 former/current 49ers would you kill an hour shooting the breeze with?

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Ken Dorsey
Jose Cortez
Kentwan Balmer

Jim Druckenmiller
Dana Hall
Reggie McGrew

Mike Rumph
Rashaun Woods
Kwamie Harris

this made me

Sammy Davis
Antonio Langham
Gabe Wilkins

Gabe? You had to mention Gabe?

And Dexter Carter.
Bill Walsh
Eddie DeBartolo Jr.
Joe Montana

God Bless you Billy
Mike Nolan, Mike Singletary, and Bill Walsh.
Coach walsh coach harbaugh joe montana.
Steve Mike-Mayer, Ray Wersching, Bruce Gossett--I'm bigger than these guys so if anything got out of hand...

Also, Mike-Mayer was born in Budapest and it would be an interesting subject; would ask Wersching what happened to the 8 million dollars his partner embezzled; and would ask Gossett why he dropped his first name, Daniel, and went with Bruce...seems a shame to not use such a fine name.
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I'd smoke a fat blunt with Randy and Dobbs FTW

dey want summa dat kush too doe
harris barton jesse supola william floyd
Brandon Jacobs
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harris barton jesse supola william floyd

Good list. Barton and, especially, Sapolu were on my short list. Both excellent players, really bright guys, and decent fellows. You'd be hard pressed to find a gutsier, smarter, or quicker Niner than Sapolu.
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Alex Smith- I'd love to just hear his side of everything. Get a view from his perspective over the years. Tell him how I admire his persevearance through out the worst of times.
Colin Kaepernick- Think he would be a chill ass mo-fo to hang with. I am still young and like his style. Think he would be pretty legit.
VD- Cause I feel he has a good grasp on things. Likes art and as I said seems to have a good grasp on life.

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Me ...the first one would be "Bryant Young" , I would ask him for a couple of war stories, and to name the toughest offensive lineman he has ever faced, plus, he is my favorite 49ers D-Lineman of All time !!!!

Same here, Bryant Young would probably be my first. He was my favorite player when I was a kid.

Then in no particular order it would be Ronnie Lott.and Brian Jennings.
steve young
Young, Rice and Lott, but limiting to three would be torture!
1. Jesse Sapolu - Just to sit and drink a beer with him would be cool.

2. Eddie DeBartolo Jr. - Talk about stories, bet this guy has a million of them.

3. Brent Jones - Was a heck of a team player.
If I am going to get to kill then shoot the breeze gonna be

1: Roger Craiq for fumbling away our shot at three in a row.

2.:TO's gotta have done something wrong.

3: Lawrence Philllips: for ending Young's carrier.
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