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Week 13 DVOA Roundup

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Don't trust your eyes?

Not 100%. I need objective data to confirm what I see.

As you know, looks can be deceiving.
Does some robot gather these stats?

It's okay to use stats and the eye test to understand and analyze sports. It isn't a bad thing and NO ONE is saying it's the "be all end all" to everything you need to know. Not in baseball and especially not in football.

and yet the stats seem to be telling us things we are now seeing on the field. Particularly since the Rams loss.
It's funny how stats do that sometimes. But hey, they're only for losers and baseball.
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Good post. It confirms what I suspected -- that the loss of Kendall Hunter would be worse than many people think.
LaMichael James, while maybe somewhat similar in stature, is a very different type of back and I don't see him to be a plug and play type of guy to replace Hunter. That's not to say that James couldn't be used in a different way (maybe more open-space type of way e.g. screens, draws etc.).

As for Hunter, any updates on the extent of his Achilles tear? I've asked several of my sports ortho colleagues and the universal response I get is that it's a very tough injury to recover from and even with recovery, much of the explosive ability is lost.

Kaepernick, despite showing his youth and inexperience on a couple of plays vs the Rams, still shows enough upside over Smith that I think Harbaugh will stick with him barring meltdown or injury.
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