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49er Stats this season per gridironrank

An alternative way to evaluate how our team has played each week (Rams game not in just yet).

According to these metrics our best offensive showing this year was Buffalo, best defensive showing against the Jets, and two most balanced games were Cardinals & Bears.

As for defensive rankings, we are neck & neck with Bears in 3 different categories proving without a doubt these are top two defenses in the league, with Pittsburgh having #1 rank in yards per game allowed.

As for offense, the Patriots lead in every category. We are #5 in overall productivity, #12 in points per game, and #11 in yards per game:

For overall rank, we are #2 behind the Patriots. Well taken into account that we have about the same record and the two top teams in record (Texans & Falcons) are ranked below us.
Doesn't seem like we show it on the field some weeks.

...pisses me off.
Thanks for the data. It seems that the Patriots and the Bears are statistically off the charts, any thoughts on why they are so high off the charts and yet their won loss records are more in balance?
Offense more erratic than the defense.
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