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Did you expect the 49ers to lose or struggle against the Rams in this game?

Did you expect the 49ers to lose or struggle against the Rams in this game?

We let both games slip out of our hands..we'll be in the playoffs while the rams are sitting at home...end of story.
A lot of flip flopping here.

I expected us to completely dominate them in every aspect of the game. I knew losing Hunter would hurt us, but I didn't think it would be this bad. Gore was ineffective by halftime.
I thought that they would struggle, but as soon as I saw that pitch play in the 4th quarter, I knew they'd lose.


The game broke down the way I thought it would with 2 noteable execptions.

1. I thought our rushing attack would wear them down not the opposite way around.
2. I thought we would pull away in the 4th after a tightly contested game.
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Yes cause Kap started. Same thing happened last game at home no way he plays well in ST Louis
It was a big surprise to see their defense playing soooo good....
Originally posted by 49ercrusher:
Niners are better than rams,but their coach is better than harbaugh...rams D suffocated a rookie QB....teams are making adjustments.from now on .it wont be easy for CK...did you guys saw how rams were blitzing? come we never send more than 4 ? Can somebody answer my question....are we expecting aldon and Justin to do miracles....just my toughts.....

I Disagree when people say Fisher is better than coach H.... Similar to the Kaepernick vs Smith issue, coach H is relatively new at coaching. He was just playing QB right before Peyton took over the Colts. This is his first stint in Professional coaching, and he will have ups and downs like anyone new at anything. The great thing about Harbaugh is he isn't hard headed like McNolan and Dingleberry. Coach H learns from his mistakes, and Im confindent he has a better grasp on clock management, and the plays to call to close out games now. This is a valuable learning lesson, and Im glad it happy he learned it now not later during the playoffs.
I'll put up with this nonsense so long as the playoffs this year resemble the playoffs of last year (intensity wise).

Giants' game the defense was intense and offense did the most it could do.

If we could guarantee the very best 49ers for the playoffs, then it wouldn't matter if we scraped in as a wildcard. I'd imagine at this stage, the team can handle the extra expectations of the playoffs without concern. At that point, no more garbage teams to be complacent about.

We shall see.
Yes. Because nothing has changed.

The Oline is the same, and we our WR can't get open (except when they were one on one during the bears game).

WHY? Why do people think it would be a different result?

Kaep played most of that game. In actuallity, this game should have been easier.

1) Defense played better
2) Amendola was not playing.
3) No fake punts

Yet we only manage to score 13 points.

1st Rams game with current QB - 17 points
Bears game - Bears D was on the ine expecting the run, leaving WR one on one - 32 points - OLine played awesome - Young could have un-retired and throw a few TDs.
New Orleans game - we scored 17 OFFENSIVE points. Thats less than the last time we played them. We scored 36 last time and this time we have better WR, Better Oline, and the saints have a worse defense - and we only have 17... figure that one out.

2nd Rams game - 13 points. (worse than the 1st Rams game).

DId we get better?

NO, because its not the QB its the OLine consistentcy and WR getting open.

People were upset because the old QB kept checking down. Its because our WR can't get open.

98% of the throws yesterday were under 10 yards.

Following the logic of this board - do we call him Kaptain Check down?

Struggle - yes. Lose - no. It took a special brand of stupid in the form of gifting points to the opposition to lose it, but I expected that we'd have problems scoring. A pretty good D, on the road, division opponent = a close game most of the time.
This was just like when we lost to Arizona around the same time last year. A real wake-up loss to an inferior team. We bounced back last year all the way to the NFC championship team and I expect the same or better this year. Some of you people need to relax. We are 3-1 against playoff bound teams...thats best in the league (Falcons are 1-0 if you want to be a jackass). Every good team has lost a game or 2 to a team was was considered inferior. It happens. The attitude will be a lot different next week after we beat the Dolphins decisively. Book it.
No I didn't see this coming at all. We had already seen everything the Rams were going to throw at us minus Amendola. We are the superior team and yet in both games I thought we played overly conservative and scared of the Rams. It seems as if we are able to get up for the big games yet we relax for the lesser teams and it comes back to bite us.

Doesn't matter who is at QB, the coaches didn't get us prepared for this game PERIOD. We were clearly out coached by Jeff Fisher and his crew. Between the piss poor play calling, lack of adjustments and poor clock management, Harbaugh and staff should be embarrased.

To sit here and say we didn't beat the Rams ONCE this year makes me hang my head in shame. Guess I had more faith in our coaching to get two wins. Just didn't happen.....
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