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Ok,3 and 15...staring down davis for a 5 yarder?
Put in Alex.
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lets go O
Coverage was too good!
a pass for 2 yards on 3rd and 15?? What is our offensive gameplan week to week, ti doesn't mater who you put back there, we dont seem to have a Qb on this roster that can overcome some of the stupid stuff our team does.
The dolphins looks like they studied the Rams tape....
Sack after TO.... brilliant...
LOL at people blaming the offensive line. Kaep holds the ball forever.
Originally posted by jays9ers:
This is not a championship football team right now...

No it is not and what has changed?
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penalty, time out, sack...ugh...We dont do this with alex in there i can tell you that much.

Like I said CK ONLY knows 1 SPEED.
Our play calling sucks
Going to be a long game
this o line is setting the team backwards. they are playing terribly
Originally posted by kray28:
Excellent pre-snap work by Kap.

I know, he should have known better than to audible to anthony davis getting beat like a drum.
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