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Colin Kaepernick Admits He Learned Nothing From Watching Alex Smith Play Quarterback

The Onion...I don't watch these vids much but they are a huge joke.
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What you talkin' about Willis!
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The Onion... not even once
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im in love...with dat ass!!! who is this???
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God damn!!
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You know Kaep is lying his ass off, there was one thing he did learn from watching Alex play: That was to do the exact opposite of Alex's neg plays ( take sacks, miss wide open receivers, overthrow Crabtree and run out of bounds whenever in doubt) LMAO.
Really hope colin didn't say that
You don't bash your teammates, clearly Colin needs to learn some leadership skills. That's like steve young saying he never learned anything sitting behind Joe. It's not true he learned how to become a passer clearly colin is too, because if he's so dam good it wouldn't have been a injury that got him on the field. Kid needs to sit back down and hold the clipboard comments like that are unneeded, and it shows he's a me me me kind of guy, like VD was and that he needs a foot in his butt to grow up!
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