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We need to stop the run this time

Amen to that brother. The D needs to play lights out this week.
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
How I see it, last game the Rams played their best football. They ran, threw, and generally outcoached us...

Didn't Darth Maul get cut in half?
Originally posted by VA49er:
Didn't Darth Maul get cut in half?

details, details
1. Wrap up Steven Jackson very low, like ankle-high low. That guy played with a chip on his shoulder the last game like he was pissed off. Keep that motivation in check first and foremost.

2. Use some sneaky coverages to catch when Amendola breaks a quick curl, post, or out route. I would say bring the heat with 6+ rushers but they were quick to get rid of the ball last game. Maybe the defense can do that a few times but they will be quick with throwing the ball.

3. Establish an offensive rythmn and minimize those penalties. The offense is threatening both in the ground and the deep ball so we should have a plethora of plays at our disposal. KEEP THEM GUESSING!

double post*
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Originally posted by dqh01:
Another good reason to start Kaepernick is he can better give this offense on a fast start unlike Smith who take sacks ( throw it away idiot!) and clueless with how to get rid of the ball under pressure.
Receivers might be slightly open and he would not take a chance with the ball. He would rather take a sack for a loss and be conservative on 3rd down and hope the defense holds up for another opportunity. I'm freaking tired of Alex Smith! He can't find open receivers unless they're holding up a giant sign. Then again, that might not be obvious enough for him because in the Seattle game he couldn't even see Gore point to Moss in the endzone. He thinks too damn much and it gets him in trouble. Too damn analytical and no ability to improvise on plays when everything breaks down. I want him to leave next season and I don't care what these Alex Smith Nut Huggers have to say in his defense. We have waited way too long for another SB appearance as faithful and patient Niner fans.

what does this have to do with stopping the run?
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the only run the Rams will be making is minus run yards.
Not worried about stopping the run. Historically our defense has done a very good job against S-Jax. He just played like a man possessed last time.
You think?
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