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Who do you think is our best defensive player?

Name and why?

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Aldon Smiff because he is a beast.
Justin Smith because he is the biggest Smith
Originally posted by verb1der:
Justin Smith because he is the biggest Smith

I agree with this. Without the Cowboy, I don't think Aldon would be as effective.

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Justin commands a double team which is why Aldon is free for sacks. Aldon is great also, but the Cowboy is the heart of this D.
Aldon, because he B****slaps gigantic offensive tackles out of the way like they are dummies on the sled, dude cant be blocked 1 on 1
gotta be justin and patrick

smith is double teamed constantly and still gets pressure while freeing up aldon

patrick is damn near the perfect linebacker
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Aldustinovorro Willis
Culliver cuz he fast
Pat Willis! In my opinion he's the most sound tacklers in the game. He seems to never blow an assignment. He cover TE's etc. I think he's the heart and soul of the defense with Justin being a very close 2nd.

Justin Smith should go into wrestling when his career is over. Dude is just awesome
Aldon "Da Hawk" Willis

because i can't decide.
Justin makes Aldon great. Willis makes Bowman great. But Justin and Willis are the stars.

Not sure about the secondary. There are quite a few good players, but no contenders for best on the defense.
Originally posted by 49erfeeeever808:
Aldon "Da Hawk" Willis

because i can't decide.

Whabbout Dashaldonarro McWilltner?

He really really good
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