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Who should be the 49ers QB for the rest of the year?

Who should be the 49ers QB for the rest of the year?

Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
I'm so torn on this issue ...I'm loving the playmaking ability Kaep brings to the team,

then again, Alex has done everything asked of him , he has been playing at a high level and winning games for us ..I feel bad for him , he was probably playing his best football until he got hurt in the Rams game ...but I guess Kaep beating the highly ranked bears defense , and thriving in a hostile environment against the saints might have been the green light Harbs & Roman have been looking for to start Kaep the rest of the way

I didn't vote. I honestly dont' know.

This issue is actually more negatively distracting as a fan of any issues we've ever had. I was too young during the Montana/Young years.

It honestly overshadowed the good feeling of the win for me.

....I literally at one point yelled at the tv when the commentator said something to the degree of,

"Not to beat a dead horse, but to beat a dead horse, Alex has played great and....."


But here I am talking about it, ha. I feel a bit charmed by Kaep, and on the other side i've got a soft spot for alex..... haven't be able to get through the emotion to find how I really feel yet.... maybe another game?
Kind of surprised that CK is that far ahead but its a good sign that most of the 49ers fan base is not delusional.
Smith deserves a shot at redemption. To show the cardinals game wasn't just a fluke.
Originally posted by kray28:
No one has seen the potential dark side of going with Kaep yet.

Take away the two pick sixes get 17 points scores as a direct result of our offense. NO scored 21.

That's not say that Kap couldn't have scored more, but there were more than a few miscues out there today...and it's being papered over by the euphoria of the win.

In fairness, I can't it would have been better with Alex, but I think some of the mistakes you saw out there would not have been made.

Since you wanna play that game, if Ted Ginn didn't muff that punt we win 17-14.
Kaepernick. To me its not even close. He is the guy that truly gives the Niners the best chance to be an elite team. In my opinion, the Niners will always be limited with Alex Smith.
The healthier one
At this point, I think both guys give us about the same level of play. Kaep will have more big plays and Alex will be better at presnap reads and getting in and out of the huddle. But if they're roughly the same in terms of performance, why not go with the young guy who you plan on being the face of the franchise. Essentially, I don't see a legitimate reason to go back to Smith. Kaep is playing at (or close) to Smith's level, and he has a higher ceiling. Plus, he allows us to use the deep patterns more because he has a great arm, good accuracy, and has great illusiveness to extend plays.

Alex has proven that he is a quality NFL starter. I would be very surprised if he doesn't get another shot somewhere else. I just don't see it here.

I feel bad for the guy. He stuck it out with us. But at the same time, he was hot garbage before Harbaugh came here, so in terms of the rest of his career, he definitely benefited from staying.

Then again, Harbaugh is crazy and could just as soon go back to Alex just to f*ck with the league.
Let the best man win.....In jh I trust....just don't want to see alex in arizona!!
CK's ability to step up into the pocket as well as stand tall in the pocket and remain calm and allow his recievers time to get open down field and then throw them the dam ball is the difference! Alex would have been taking sacks and checking down left and right in the past two games.

When was the last time we had a QB do what CK is doing? He can also use his legs to escape when there are breakdowns up front, but he can do this with his eyes down field and still get the ball out. In the same situations Smith looks to throw the ball out of bounds first, check the ball down for a two yard gain second, and to throw the ball down field NEVER!

CK got what Smith needed, a year to sit and watch. He also got a more complete team to work with, and a coaching staff that has a clue. Not CK's fault Alex got a raw deal, but don't try and make up for that now! Best man gets the job, the only question I have is why flirt with Manning and/or start Smith when CK was right there all along?
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I voted CK7 only to see him one more game. What a weird situation to be in. Having 2 good QB's who play polar opposite of each other yet put up the same amount of points and yardage. But Kaep is more explosive (like the crap I took this morning) and fun to watch, so right now he gets the edge
If he can get a win IN Seattle I will say he's ready.....

but better not be one and done in the playoffs
A very tough one for Harbaugh.

In some ways, Harbaugh got lucky. He must have been wondering for sometime how to get CK under center, for a longer duration than just goal line situations. This is when the 49ers were still winning. He probably knew Alex had a ceiling which would be exposed in the playoffs(?)...probably, and all this is just a guess.
Now, luck only takes you so far, and everyone found out CK is better than expected.
It's a tough business, and as a head coach, your only goal should be to do what is best for the team (keeping aside personal feelings). Easier said than done, but then, no guts no glory.
For all we know, Alex might be back for the Rams game.
I personally would have played Smith this week. I would have said day one that Smith, if healthy is our QB for the season.

BUT. Now that Kaep has gotten the start two weeks in a row, and the media has had their circus, i think it would be best to stick with Kaep. I dont like QB carousel's. especially when we are trying to win a superbowl. Stick with Kaep and move forward.
CK from here on out, bigger arm, more elusive, faster need I say more.

See ya AS, was nice knowing you, but we've seen your ceiling.
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