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Which player will be Kaep's security blanket tonight?

Gore will see the ball alot.

In the passing game he should target KW. They probably have worked together more than him and the other WR's have.
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Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
Randy Moss

agreed Randy Moss, it seems everytime Kaep is in the game he tosses to Moss so we shall see.
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AJ Jenkins
Moss - breakout game.
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Please let it be Gore. My fantasy team needs him to put up 15 points this week.
my guess is gore will be prime target for tonite's matchup but also have hunch that moss will be a key.
Who will be the ball's security blanket doe?

Nah, seriously though. If we had guys that knew how to become hot reads when the QB is in trouble it would be easy to pick one. Right now that more than anything needs to be practiced and learned by our players. I hate seeing open spots on the field when the D blitzes and our guys are still running downfield continuing their routes with their backs turned and when they turn around our QB is on the ground. So whoever decides that they have the ability to this tonight will be the security blanket.
It gon be Moss, even if Gire. Really though I expect Moss to have a big game because it's Monday Night football, he's a vet, and the best kind of wide receiver for a big armed quarterback like Kaep.
Originally posted by ads_2006:
his legs?

Keys - Gore breaking Tackles since there is going to be 8 in the box
Pass protection - against the blitz

There was an analyst last week (sorry I can't remember who it was) on the radio sayitng that teams doesn't not like blitzing Smith since he can read them so well.
If CK plays he said that the Bears will Blitz early and often.

Originally posted by English:


Hunter will be #2..then maybe a WR.
I don't want any security blanket just let Kaep go YOLO and throw it!
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Moss - breakout game.

wouldn't really be a breakout game since it is something we would have seen before, but if you said...the defense is getting mossed tonight..i would agree
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hopefully crabs! need the FP
Gore, Hunter, Davis, his legs, Gore, Gore, his legs, Moss, Gore, Manningham, Gore, Hunter, his legs and Gore.
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