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We get no ... RESPECT!

I hate to sound like Rodney Dangerfield but... I got into a heated work-place argument with a Bears fan today!! Constantly going at it with NY Giants fans!!! Dawned on me that the constant theme is that we are not respected or taken seriously... The usual stuff... Your QB stinks... Crabtree over rated... Davis has disappeared! Got to thinking ... Are "they" right or are we "faithful" right??? Not easy being the lone guy in the room flying the flag.
Half of our own fan base gives this team no respect.
Our QB stinks, Crabtree is over rated, and Davis has disappeared.
Nobody's just gonna give you respect, you gotta earn it, time to go smash some Chicago heads and earn ours
That's fine. We can get no respect all the way to the Lombardi trophy...
If we punch the Giants in the mouth next time and win, they will be out of excuses.
Good, niners do their best work when they're underdogs.

Eff em all!!!
Its just fans being fans.. I can sure find thing to say that could make greenbay the pats and the giants sound weak. But the fact is on any givin Sunday the team that wants it the most will win. And in this case its gonna be Mondaynight and we are gonna prove to the presedent and the chumps at your work place that we demand respect. GO NINERS!!!!!!
The team gets a lot of respect. There's one player on this team that doesn't and he must prove em all wrong.

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anyone who watched our "effort" sunday would be logical to laugh at us in my opinion. i did not know whether to laugh or cry at the foolishness out there displayed by a alleged elite nfl team against a fair to midland team
We just had a tie at home against the Rams. Why would people respect that?
Originally posted by dcsham:
Our QB stinks, Crabtree is over rated, and Davis has disappeared.

forgot to add...Run defense suxs, Goldson has a penalty fetish, and a kicker that thinks the point of a field goal is to kick the ball outside of the goalpost.
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Don't get into arguments with dolts
We don't desrve much respect right now. We just tied with the Rams.

We have looked very different at different times this season. At times we have looked elite. At other times we have looked like s**t. So which is it?

We need a convincing win against a real contender on the national stage to get some respect. Let's go f**k up the Bears on Monday!
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