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Rank our roster 1-53 strongest player to weakest player;

Wow... Are we actually comparing players regardless of position?

Strange excercise.

Its strange to see Jacobs higher than McBath who recover a fumble. Shouldn't all players not in the active be automatically in the bottom?

i mean it all boils down to which player is having a good year, right? I mean Randy Moss could be number one based on experience and what he has done in the past.
If you have an issue with Brian Jennings being ranked so high. Ask the other 31 teams how many long snappers they've been through since BJ was drafted in 2000...then ask em how many were actually successful at their respective jobs.

He's the kick starter of our FG and punt units...and truthfully I might be able to count on one hand how many bad snaps I've seen on those units since his arrival.

Dude is money for us on ST.
Top 15 would be easier
Well, somebody could just whip out Madden and post their overall ratings, therefore, it's settled

This needs to be based on height, weight, benchpress, race & length....

Like physical strength? I don't think Andy Lee is stronger than Frank
Gore currently has 140 att, 753 yrds, 5.4 YPC, 5 TDs.

He is on pace for 1,338.67 yards this season with 9TDs.

He's the MVP of this team and it's not even close. He has exceeded my wildest expectations,

1. J. Smith
2. P. Willis
3. N. Bowman
4. Aldon Smith
5. F. Gore
6. V. Davis
7. D. Goldson

I gave up after that. LOL.
This is a stupid thread.
Heres my top 30
1- Patrick Willis
2- Aldon Smith
3- Frank Gore
4- Justin Smith
5- Vernon Davis
6- NaVorro Bowman
7- Mike Iupati
8- Dashon Goldson
9- Andy Lee
10- Joe Staley
11- Anthony Davis
12- Michael Crabtree
13- Alex Smith
14- Ahmad Brooks
15- Donte Whitner
16- Carlos Rogers
17- Alex Boone
18- Jonathan Goodwin
19- Ray McDonald
20- Kendall Hunter
21- Mario Manningham
22- Randy Moss
23- Chris Culliver
24- Tarell Brown
25- Delanie Walker
26- Kyle Williams
27- Isaac Sopoaga
28- Perrish Cox
29- Ted Ginn Jr.
30- David Akers

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Way too hard to rank our squad 1-53, than to pick at the OP who made the list. My hat is off to the original poster.
All things considered Andy Lee is at the top of his peers and anyone not putting him top 5 or higher is nuts.
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The Best Player On Our 49er team in my opinion is Navarro Bowman.

1. Bowman
2. VD Vernon Davis
3. Aldon Smith
4. Justin Smith
5. Crabtree
6. Willis
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