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Niners first offensive play against the Bears

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for those of you who think we are going to throw deep all night long due to the arm of the kid, you are mistaken,, we will do exactly what we do, run the ball first, let ck make some plays with his feet, do not force anything, follow the script. we are not going to change our game plan 100 degrees in my opinion
Would love to see play action and a deep pass(and completion) to either Moss or Manningham.
Run by Tukuafu up the middle for 2 yards.
quick wr screen to Crabs
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Deep pass to Moss.
Wild Keap baby

It's here
first series will be 3 and out with 3 runs....Keap goes to the sideline to puke and s**t....comes back ready to throw next series
come on ted ginn at least fair catch that
Gore up the middle for three yards

Kap hit SJ in the middle of the field for a 40 yard pick up.
Nate Davis to Darrell Jackson for a 80 yd TD
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probably a phantom hold call on one of our wide outs
Iupati blown assignment leads to Kaep hurry --> pass incomplete to Boldin.
Screen pass to Bruce Miller. Incomplete.
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