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this game is on jim

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Originally posted by keeferr75:
Alex concussion is on harbaugh. Should have been an activated Jacobs on that short yardage play.

Is Coach Harbaugh also to blame for not having filled Joe Staley's helmet with cotton balls and bunny rabbits a couple weeks ago?
It's football...a play gets called, the players run the play, sometimes people get hurt. Sounds alot like Life....
Blame Akers not Harbaugh for this one
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Originally posted by NCommand:
At the 1:54 mark too on 3rd down we just needed like 4 or 5 yards for Akers too and Roman calls a sideline curl route by Crabtree (20+ pass for Kaep) into double coverage which was knocked down easily and lead to a punt instead of points. Lots of issues with Roman again BUT again, we played uninspired at home. And the Rams coaches had their guys ready to play, had good plays designed to get their best players involved, were confident, even used "wham" blocks against us and worked on some ST plays. Us? Same ol' vanilla game plan on defense and ST's. Can't fault Roman too much but he certainly wasn't helping esp. in critical situations.

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Originally posted by BayArea:
What is unsettling is that these kind of games keep popping up on us and it doesn't seem we are learning anything from them. If we beat the Bears in a blowout I will take nothing from it I will only expect another game like this one the week after or the week after that. This is becoming a pattern and a painful one at that. The high hopes for a superbowl are beginning to fade. Not completely yet because all you got to do is look at last years champs to see that anything is possible. Damn though there is not a lot to be happy about.

Also consider how close our games were with the Rams and Seahawks at home. I can only cringe when I think about the rematches in their house.

It took two amazing 4th down sneaks for long yards to keep them in the game. Not going to happen on the road.
Originally posted by zomg_its_ryan:
dude, do we really have to blame each loss or tie on one particular person? geez...enough already

Kinda hard not to blame Akers. 41 yards is a chip shot in the NFL. John Gruden pointed out "there are no gimmes in this league".
Originally posted by zomg_its_ryan:
dude, do we really have to blame each loss or tie on one particular person? geez...enough already

Thank you...Why does this fan base try to do everything in its power to tear down its own.

Do you all hate success so much that you have to belittle our coaches and players?

Are you scared we will go back to the basement again and want to be the first to say I told you so?

A whole thread dedicated to b***hing about the coach who in one year turned our franchise from basement dweller to superbowl contender... over a single loss no les ? sad.
Dmax, the lack of pass rush is due to no blitzing, the reason for a 3-4 to begin with. If a blitz, nobody (hopefully) on O knows where it is coming from. The surprise of it disrupts Qbs, who don't have time to pick a target and fire. You put pressure on 90+ % of NFL QBs and they respond poorly. Put Rams in that category. When we line up 3-4 with 3 or 4 guys on the LOS, whoever is there is who passrushes. There is no mystery, nothing for the QB to worry about except those guys standing on the LOS. The entire idea of the 3-4 is to confuse Qbs as to who is coming and from where, with frequent blitzes from CBs, LBs, DBs. Fangio is playing his 3-4 or 4-3 straight up and gives the QB maximal time to find his target. No way almendola gets 12 catches with frequent blitz paks. I agree with you, Fangio's game calls stink, and I would really like for the HC to be calling D plays and O plays. He is way better than our OC or DC.
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