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Tie Game - how do you feel?

This sucks.

I guess it's better than a loss, but still.
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Time for porn
That's how I feel.
That's how I feel.
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1/2 game better than a loss. An Akers whiff away from a historic comeback.
Its better then a loss.

We are still in control of our fate. With Smith out, we are lucky to get out of there without getting pummled.

Good performance by Kaep considering. Great way to lead us to a game winning FG which Akers blew. THat last sack was a killer thjough.
I hope Alex Smith is cleared to play next monday night
no one cares
It's pretty much 90% a loss
f**king akers.

Him, Goodwin, and rogers will prob. be cut at the end of we can sign bowman and goldson. Hell, you can add McDonald to that list, too.

What happpened to 52? He's missing tackles or getting out muscled out there. It looks like he's lost a step along with Justin smith.

Better than a L, but will screw our chances to get 1st or 2nd Bye in playoffs.
Originally posted by WookieOftheYear:
I hope Alex Smith is cleared to play next monday night

Defense didn't look shape.
Not good, but I guess it turned out better than it could have with your starting QB out. But wow, what a drop in offensive production with Smith out. Lets hope he comes back Monday night.
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Im not happy with a tie - but I will take that over a loss. Especially, considering we did not deserve to win this game.

Piss Poor performance by our D and Special Teams once again.

I think Brad Seeley needs to be fired.
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