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Should the 49ers sign T.O to a one day contract and allow him to retire a 49er?

He is legendary around here, one of my favorites but... He may have to learn what disloyal and wreck-less behavior will cost you. Gosh man he balled out and didn't take care of his many different families. He can make the hall of fame but he shouldn't be allowed back here. Even Rice didn't slam Garcia when he was playing awful starting out, he played with the greats.
No! That question should not ever be brought up in the Niners front office.
Yes. He became a star as a 49er, he made our offense fun to watch in the late 90s, and of course, the receiver of The Catch II. Let's not let his silly tantrums late during his stay here diminish his accomplishments.

Take your pick. . . .
No T.O. was a meany pants, he said mean things to players and was a distractsors to the teamz

I hate him forever and hope he has a bad life
2nd best WR in 49ers history and a future HOF, wouldn't be against it but it will never happen
TO was definetily a devisive figure but he didn't tear apart the franchise.

You can't blame TO for our cap problems, firing Mariucci, hiring Dennis Erikson, and letting Garcia go. This isn't the NBA. I'm not denying that he was a problem child and had to go but our franchise sunk because it was ran into the ground.

I'd be shocked if TO asked to retire as a Niner so to me this issue is barely worth discussing.
Owens will always be a 49er first In my mind. He should go into the HOF as a 49er.
Doesn't deserve to retire a niner
I would vote no. Just dont think he deserves it.

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Nope, let him try to retire with the eagles, or the cowboys, or the bills, or the bengals, or the seahawks. lolnbeans
The guy is broke. He is won't stay retired.
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I agree , thats what you call "down in the dumps" ...if T.O had stayed , we still would have had some quality on offense , but he really screwed us , so screw him

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good god no. good god. let him retire as a cowboy. i have x ed him out of my niner memorys. yes even the catch 2. he is a disgrace to our franchise.


Did TO do something to you or your family? Geesh!

You may not like him, but guess what? There has only been one WR in 49er history that was better than TO....and he wore #80.

I disagree. I think John Taylor was better than TO. Taylor was #2 because Rice was on the team in his prime. Who did TO have to compete with for the #1 spot? He was a cancer on the team, and couldn't wait to get out. I believe his own quote was after a touchdown was "That's why I had to get out of San Fran." He was always a "Me" player, so let him retire on "team me" by himself. He single handedly took out Garcia, Mooch, and probably a few others. And that's just on the 49ers. The 49ers received absolutely nothing for him in the trade. I remember saying I wanted the eagles to win the Super Bowl that year, but if TO plays, I hope they lose,,,,and they did lose.
Perhaps if no team steps forward for TO the WRs in the NFL will get a clue? They seem to be changing anyway, away from the me first look at me types. Love seeing young WRs just dropping the ball after scoring and no dance. Go jump up and down with your team mates and thank them for allowing you to catch the ball.
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