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Should the 49ers sign T.O to a one day contract and allow him to retire a 49er?

No f**king way.
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Absolutely. I'd even want to see him play again for the Niners. Theres not one person here who wasn't thinking of T.O when Moss ran for that TD. Hes a HOFer. Loved all of the antics especially "The Sharpie".

I wasn't. I was thinking about Randy Moss.

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This made me laugh...out loud! But Drew might have a bag over his head in this case.
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Maybe Ocho Cinco, Antonio Bryant and Dez Bryant can get together to present TO.
He can retire as an Allen Wrangler, Indoor Football League.
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Are you out of your cotton pick'n mind.
Regardless of what contributions TO made to the teams he was on, his final acts in most of those franchises were negative and were detrimental to the team. It was almost like a soldier fought bravely for his country but at at the end, for whatever reason, he committed treason. I know it is not nearly that serious, but I'm trying to draw a comparative picture. There is no doubt that he's a great athlete, but a sportsman? A team player? NFL hall of fame should honor TEAM players, not an athlete who's out for himself. This is not golf.
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we should sign him to a 1 year contract
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Originally posted by Marsh:
Originally posted by mayo49:
Are you out of your cotton pick'n mind.

thats racialist

Didn't mean it to be.
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I say yes. Let him retire a 49er. Sure TO was a pain in the rear, but he helped the 9ers win a lot of games. .
f**k t.o i blame him for all those losing years i know mgmt had their role but he didnt help.
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That "one day contract" thing is reserved for players with class who contributed to the organization both on and off the field. Owens spent his entire career burning bridges. I doubt that anyone in San Francisco, Philadelphia, or Dallas is going out of their way to extend a hand now. You reap what you sow.
My greatest frustration with TO while a niner was that he was the best player on the team but did not lead in a constructive way. Even if he had just been quiet it would have been fine, but he was such a negative influence. And this was before he became known as a total knucklehead, so some players followed the guy.
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I've always liked T.O. I'd do it.
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