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Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
Does this tie hurt or help? Idk what to feel right now
It's half win, half loss. Did this info help you?
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Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Can't be worse than losing I guess.

Why does it feel like it was Akers make a kick
rams played their hearts out

we played like s**t

luckt to even get a tie
Originally posted by dtg_9er:
Well, CK played pretty well but he is still not ready and I hope Smith is alright for Chicago!

This. Clearly we will be facing a defense #1 in scoring.
We need to stomp Chicago next week
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Originally posted by BayArea:
We won... kinda? When you don't lose don't you win? wait wtf is this ..... godamnit.

If you're not first, you're last....
what a cocktease
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Originally posted by sacniner:
Originally posted by kush:

What the hell are you laughing at? Did Kaep even attempt a pass in OT? The kid had one good drive where he completed three passes. He is great with his legs, but did not do good enough throwing the ball. Lets pray Alex plays against the Bears.

Kaep against the Bears is enough to give me nightmares all week.
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by kush:
Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
way to go, Ck7... way to go...

Get Well Soon, Alex...

the quarterback was not the issue today

So says a hater.

I kid...somewhat. Seriously, I wish you haters could be so silent about the QB play all the time. Dear lord is it nice when posters don't attack our QB even when he throws a completed pass.
Originally posted by mayo49:
Akers cost us the game. Nice game by Kap. Defense needs to step up.

Akers needs a foot check up, I heard Dr. Rex Ryan is really good. Also kap needs to work on timing and the center qb exchange, hey the defense had a few mistakes such as a bad jam for a td, but they keep us in, they had to pull out 2 special teams fake punts just to tie that game! INSANO GAMEO

What an epic fail of a game for us. When we look bad, God we look bad...
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the way i view life....i tie in anything is a loss.
Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
WTF just happened!?!? Whats a tie mean division wise?

Half win, half loss...I think it's a wiss...or perhaps a loin...
lol but usually didn't lose means did win.. I am confused on how to feel.....sexually...of course.
Originally posted by Strwy2Hevn:
As pathetic as we played a tie is a win

We are playing for playoff positioning. This is a loss.
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