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Which retired 49ers player do you wish was in his prime and playing on the team today?

That's a clown question bro.

Obviously a QB.

Even MFing Steve Bono or Grbac. Sorry
I'm just fed up with A.Smith.

We won't have the same team next year.

All of these first rounders and up and commers will want millions in their restructured contract

We don't have time to waste trying to help out Ed Norton get a ring.
In order of preference:

1) John Brodie or Y.A. Tittle (or even the more recent names Steve Bono or Jeff Garcia) to replace Alex "don't hate me because this franchise keeps giving me new contracts" Smith

2) Deion Sanders to replace OftenLos(t) Rogers

3) John Taylor to replace whoever the hell our #2 WR is (Not so Super Mario / Kyle Willfumble / what's left of Randy Moss)

4) Jesse Sapolu to replace Jonathan "I feel so bad about hitting you that to make it up to you I won't finish my freaking block" Goodwin

5) Charles Haley to replace Brooks (Brooks is a good OLB who still have upside; so I don't see a real need here, Haley was just that good)
Charles Haley
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