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Which retired 49ers player do you wish was in his prime and playing on the team today?

Joe, if not then Orenthal James Simpson
Originally posted by NeeJ49er:
Ok , besides the obvious , Jerry, Joe , Steve , Ronnie , Dwight , Roger ....which player would you throw on our current team , anybody , he could have played in the 50's , 60's , a former 49ers player in his prime that would make a BIG impact and make us even better NOW

I'm gonna pick "Brent Jones"

could you imagine a young Brent Jones in a 2 TE formation with Davis in the redzone ...he would make our offense more potent and effective.

I'm a huge Brent Jones fan , and I know he would take our offense to another level.

what about you guys, who would you pick ?

I like this pick! Was an expert at finding the open spot for the QB.
Originally posted by 1For13On3rdDown:
Originally posted by cciowa:
if we would have had steve young, we never would have won at green bay. he never could. just can not pass up a chance to take a hit against smith. sad

Oh, really?

Also, Steve Young never went 1 for 13 on 3rd down, with the only conversion coming at the end of regulation, against Green Bay.

That game was not AT Green Bay (uniforms are a clue)
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John Brodie. We'd win the superbowl for sure.

Besides Young and Joe?

Jeff Garcia
Jeff garcia is definatly ab option as is brent.

But ieould say jimmy johnson. Deion would be an option but I eliminate him.

This question is similar to saying what current player would you take. And I now lean towards a healthy revis.
Deion and Brent Jones
Originally posted by Axl49:
Young. He would be a monster in todays game and the missing piece in our puzzle. Besides obvious Joe Montana Steve Young would be my pick. If they cant stop the overrated rookie RG3 imagine Young. Jerry would fail with Alex at QB.

Pretty much yeah...

my pick would be Jeff Garcia
okay, i'm gonna get ragged for this pick: Nate Dsylexic Davis
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
That game was not AT Green Bay (uniforms are a clue)

Oh, so there's an AT Green Bay stipulation?

Well, in that case, Young only played 2 series against the Packers in the 96-97 playoff game. He didn't play the MNF game that year. The only actual loss he had at GB was in 1998. So he's basically 0-1.

If we had a QB that could throw more than 15 yards down the field, paging one Gene Washington.....
I hope we use this guy to the fullest.
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Originally posted by fip24:
This team would win the Super Bowl with Jeff Garcia or Elvis Grbac.
Grbac was an enigma, thought he was going to be decent, but just another guy who was a great back-up and regressed as a starter. Still shocked he retired at 31 a year after throwing for 4,000 yards.
Jeremy Newberry. He was a dominant C in the NFL in his good as our OL is now, he'd make it better and more consistently dominant.
1. Jeff Garcia. For those who can actually remember, could John Brodie run any as a QB?

2. Charles Haley

3. Michael Carter

4. Bryant Young

5. Eric Wright- I don't think I've seen this name yet.

I didn't name too many players on offense, because truthfully, we have enough weapons to be a dominant offense. Our
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