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How upset are you?

Originally posted by GORO:
Very disapointed but if we win against Seattle I will be over this quickly.

Yes a very good time for a short week.
It s**ks! We lost man come on S.F. giants must be a nices day in the bay!
Hmmm... I'm not really upset

The gameplan was certainly a head scratcher. Even on one of the Smith interecepted passes. They had 2 WR turn way way way short of the first down.
Gameplan was not conducive to creating flow and rythm.

Great wake up call for our OC, DC and DLine. Nothing good happens when you can't pressure the QB.

As a side note. I wish they played Colin Tebow at every position. WR, TE, 5 Oline positions, punter, kicker, punt returner, kick returner.
DLine, LB, CB and safety.

Just to get it out of thier systems.

Go Niners!... Short week, short memories - Beat Seachickens.
Great teams (including the Giants) have had games like this. Just saying.
Not very! we were outcoached though!
Originally posted by GORO:
Very disapointed but if we win against Seattle I will be over this quickly.

pretty much where I am at as well.. anyone know if Staley or any other injuries are a concern?
I had almost the entire second half to allow this loss to sink in so I'm not nearly as upset as I was. Good thing the Seahawk game is just around the corner. 49ers better come out smokin on prime time.
More disgusted at the dumbass coaching. At the top of the game the comment was made that Harbaugh's dad helped install some plays and that we'd see them in the game. Really Jim? Hopefully lesson learned. Tell papa to stick to golfing and rooting from his couch.

Not the end of the world by any means but that's 2 losses and in this division it just might come back to bight us in the butt. I think the 9ers have been riding a wave of hype somewhat and are very vulnerable. Best to get it fixed now. Alex Smith? Is this who he really is or did he just have a horrible day? Defense? Are they not as good as advertised or did they just have a crappy day?

Got a life so I'm just
Originally posted by Faraz80:
3 points at home. Revenge game. Only score 3 points. Highest QB rated QB throws 3 picks and looks lost out there.

Yea, pretty sickening.

40.1 QB rating, wonderful...
Not angry BUT VERY disappointed.

I'm originally from NYC and really hate the Giants so it hurts.

Last year we beat them in the first game and lost the second more important game. Hopefully we can learn from this and best them in the next game.

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Not upset...just shocked. Didn't think 49ers could play this bad. I've to say - my confidence in the team and the coaching staff is shaken today, to say the least. Now granted that I had very high opinion of them - I thought 49ers had the top 3 coaching staff and were best team in the NFL and I can't say that after today. It's not that they lost - it's how they lost. How little fight they showed...against a team that kicked us out of the playoffs last year. No excuse for such a lackluster performance.

Thankfully, we have a game Thursday and hopefully we can get back on the right track.
Not upset at all. We beat them in regular season last year and lost when it counted. Looking forward to beating them this hear when it counts. Bring it!
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Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Great teams (including the Giants) have had games like this. Just saying.

we had that vs minnesota
Not upset or mad. We'll bounce back Thursday
David Akers blew this game. I had a bad feeling about those missed opportunities. The tide turned on us in no time.
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