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Does Brandon Jacobs play this sunday vs. The Giants?

Does Brandon Jacobs play this sunday vs. The Giants?

Jacobs seems to me to be in JH's doghouse, guys have retuned from surgery faster then Jacobs has from his strain. Maybe I'm wrong and JH can't wait to play Jacobs, this sunday would seem like the time to let him lose.

If Jacobs plays, who would you sit? I think it has to be Celeck, Dixon is too big a part of our Special Teams unit, and lets face it, ST has not been so good thus far, do we weaken the unit further just for Jacobs?

So in a nut shell, a two parter, does he play, and who sits?
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He plays, celek sits.
Originally posted by THEB:
He plays, celek sits.

That's what I think, Dobbs, Kilgore, or the other Davis can play blocking TE.
I don't think he plays. He's a short yardage back only and I don't think we sit anyone that would help out our special teams. However, I would like to see him out there, he would provide another offense weapon that Defenses would have to account for...especially on third down.
I'd like to see him play. We could really use him on 3rd &1 and goalline situations, which we struggle with sometimes. I can't tell if he's in JH's doghouse or not. I hope its not Braylon Edwards all over again. Hopefully they're just waiting for him to be completely healthy. No reason to rush him back when we have Gore/Hunter tearing through defenses anyways.

If Jacobs is activated, I think we should sit Celek. Our special teams has been a little leaky this season and I wouldn't want to sit Dixon. We have Dobbs who could function as the 3rd TE.
Harbs said he practiced all last week and the week of practice revealed that he wasnt completely ready yet. Its not just healing and feeling better physically, but actually learning the plays as well.
What the hell is a plat?
Originally posted by Allx9er:
What the hell is a plat?

A plat in the U.S. is a map, drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land.
I think Jacobs plays this weekend. I don't think he was or is in Jim's doghouse. We simply haven't needed to force Jacobs back until he's 100%.

He is merely added depth as a good short yardage asset. Going off of the hit or miss play of Tukuafu at FB, I think instead, we will and should see Jacobs as the man in the backfield when we go with the extra beef formations.

I think THIS formation with Staley shifting strong or weakside would really do some damage... LBs won't know which side to go to when Alex fakes or gives to either of the backs. And then, there's always a jump-ball for Moss.

he should indeed plat, only if gore
If he is 100% he should play to start getting his legs back under him, but if not 100% then why risk it? We are only 1/3 of the season in, rather keep him as a surprise when we have that stretch of games against divisional opponents. We have done decent although short yardage and 3rd down conversions could use some improving.
he will platten the giants on the way to 2 short-yardage TDs (manningham also gets a receiving TD)
Manningham and Jacobs must of had this game circled. I hope Jacobs play.
He will plat the s**t outta the New York Giants
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If he's remotely as good on short-yardage downs as he was last season, I think he should play. Even with our dominance of Buffalo, we still couldn't punch it in the goal line in that first scoring drive. We remain one of the worst short-yardage rushing teams in the league.
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