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Week 5: Thoughts after rewatching the game (twice) ;-)

1) Alex Smith watch: Since Eagles game in 2010 - 30 Games, 830 Att, 525 Comp, 6176 Yards, 41 Tds, 9 INTs, 97.74 QB Rating. Stats just this season...94 of 137, 68.6% Comp %, 8 TDs and 1 INT. Thats a rating of 108.7 which makes him the HIGHEST RATED PASSER IN THE NFL. Sunday was by far his best game as a pro. Yes, the Bills D sucks, but he still delivered a rating of over 156 against a pro team. Alex doesn't need to play like that to win, but it certainly was nice to see he was CAPABLE of doing that.

2) Frank/Kendall: He just looks more healthy than he has in several years. He is of course not the exact same guy he was 5 years ago, but there the thing to me that has always made Frank so good is his vision and patience. He still has those in abundance and just looks like he has more life in those legs than he has in years. Kendall is really getting better. He used to just run into his blockers when it wasn't there but he is starting to see those cutback lanes.

3) Kaep: Another week, another good performance. Gotta hold that ball, but he is really becoming a threat. I love the creativity. Love that teams have to figure it out. Love that he is averaging over 10 yards a carry.

4) Front 7: Best in the NFL. No question. Every one of those guys is dominating the guy in front of him. They played NICKEL in a number of plays yesterday and DARED the Bills to run at them they they STILL couldn't muster a run game. They did the same thing against Green Bay, but Green Bay doesn't have Fred Jackson or CJ Spiller.

5) Kyle Williams: There is a segment of the poulation of the 'zone that will simply never forgive him. I on the other hand largely felt bad for him. He didn't make those mistakes in the NFCCG because he is a bad player. He made those mistakes because he was trying to make a play and be the hero. He will never erase the NFCCG, but he is playing well right now and it was nice to see him make a play on his TD. Keep it up Kyle.

6) Special Teams (return yards): Not worried. They'll be fine. It's gonna happen from time to time.

7) Crabtree: Really starting to play well. In another offense he is a much more productive WR. He's getting open and he is making plays. Can't ask for more than that.

8) Manningham: He is playing SOOO much better than I thought he would. He is a much better player than I thought he was. That move on the DB for the TD was scary good. DB didn't have a clue. If he can beat 1 on 1 coverage on a consistant basis, he's gonna be HUGE this year and into the playoffs.

9) O-Line: WOW. I mean...WOW. SCARY good. I guess thats what you get when you drop 3 first rounders on the line, sign a quality center, and take a chance on a goliath of a man with a bit of a troubled past. Boone turning his life around is HUGE for this line right now. Yes, Anthony Davis is having his best year, but having Boone beside him has been HUGE to the development of the line. I was a doubter before the season. I thought he was just too tall to play guard. I was WRONG in a big way. He is a MONSTER in there. SO happy for the guy.

10) Just some perspective: Last 2 weeks - Since the debacle in Minn, the 49ers have outscored their opponents 79-3. Moreover, they have outgained their opponents 1000 yards to 350. That's almost a 3 to 1 ratio. That's almost historic in proportions. That's not just a huge offense. That's not just a good defense. That is a complete domination on both sides of the ball that I haven't seen in a very long time. Now, they have a shot to complete the total domination of New York teams. This is the one you KNOW they have had circled on their calendars since the schedule came out. I for one can't wait.
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There is no thought this week except -- domination.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
There is no thought this week except -- domination. #10. ;-)
I agree with everything you said, also when we get Jacobs back for the short yards, we'll be that much better. We have to beat the G-Men and I mean give them a beat down. I live in N.E Pa and there are nothing but giants and eagle fans around me, so I really hate those teams.
Wish Aldon got a sack to hit the record....seems a bit hot and cold right now.
Good post
[Originally posted in the Alex completion thread - but think it is more appropriate here]

Here is what I saw that was different in this game:

1. More time in the pocket - hopefully this is the OL getting better and can be repeated - but it was also a function of poor Bills DL.

2. LOOKING OFF the defense - Alex did a MUCH better job of eye discipline - keeping his head turned slightly away from where he ultimately threw the ball. Ironically, that is a function of #1 above, because without pressure a QB is less urgently looking immediately to make his throw.

3. Receivers getting separation - In several previous posts I have noted (complained) that our offense doesn't seem to be able to generate that wide open receiver as often as other offenses do - which could be part receiver's lack of ability to separate and part scheme. In this game, there were many times receivers created great separation. I hope this was G-Ro scheme developing rather than poor Bills D.

This is the kind of game that an offense can use to build confidence to take more shots - even against better defenses in the future. Hope this is a big step forward.

Frankly, despite the win last week against the Jets I was worried that in order to win the 49ers were becoming 1 dimensional -- all run -- which would make them vulnerable to a high scoring game. This game was a huge step toward the 9ers becoming a truly balanced offense. It will take a few more like this to be complete - but huge to see the progress!! Go 9ers.
Great perspective and read, but weve outscored opponents 79-3 not 79-0 fix that and its a perfect review.
Couldnt agree more.. good review
Special teams is a concern. Aside from that, life is good!

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Originally posted by English:
Special teams is a concern. Aside from that, life is good!
agree and lets cut down on drive killing mistakes. however we are doing a good job of turning possessions into points and that is the bottom line
Originally posted by LoneWolf:
Great perspective and read, but weve outscored opponents 79-3 not 79-0 fix that and its a perfect review.

oops. Thanx. Fixed.
Great write up as usual Marvin! Domination despite the penalties and ST issues. Next week it will be more important to fix those issues. While the game didn't become a blowout until the 4th Quarter it was never in question...passed the first TD (2nd quarter).

Your comments on the lines (both) remind me of the adage that you start building a great team at the line. Boy do these lines look special. I've had my doubts about some of these guys over the years but they are all playing so well this year and yesterday was, obviously, absolutely dominant!
So if the 'Niners win next week, are they the NY State Champions?
Originally posted by adembroski:
So if the 'Niners win next week, are they the NY State Champions?

Not going there. The last team that did that was the Falcons with their "State of California" trophy that they put on the sideline at Candlestick. They proceeded to get routed like 40-3 or something that day.

Bad mojo.
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