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Who was your favorite RB out of these former 49ers

Who was your favorite RB out of these former 49ers

Craig by far, ran catch and can block. He punished the D with those high churning legs, talke to the opposition, the ones who played him often, they would never hit him head on at the legs, not unless you want a a concussion.
Amp Lee.
Roger Craig, dont even need to think about it.

Originally posted by kray28:
Hearst, despite the lack of rings, has a special place in my heart. Love that guy.

Opening day 1998, vs. the Jets at the Stick. first play of OT...96 yd run. He went on to have the best season by any 49er RB in that season.

Voted Hearst but what about '06 Gore?
Kory Sheets
Originally posted by English:
Roger. He was just so great and like having an extra receiver as well.

Loved Garrison, liked Watters, but Roger was something special.

No Rathman?

Runnin Watter!!!!!!!!!!

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Hearst was a beast, damn atlanta turf....
McElhenney returned punts and kickoffs as well as RB. Wonderful guy to watch. Craig was my all time favorite...his stand up style and high knee action reminded me of my brother...very tough to grab a leg when they are pumping like pistons. And my third favorite was Garrison because he was so fluid in motion...just seemed to glide over the ground.
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