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What Will Our Record Be @ Bye Week?

What Will Our Record Be @ Bye Week?

I think 7-1, giants will be the toughest game, we will own the bills, they don't scare me one bit, gave up 48 points to the JETS, two offensive lineman out to go along with that, expect aldon and brooks to have a hay day. Giants is the game that scares me a little, last two times we have played them they have played us hard and beat us in NFC championship game. They have had an up down sort of season so far but can be very explosive on offense when they show up. Our offensive and defensive lines have got to play well in this one for us to win, on the offensive side of the ball, negate their pass rush, contain Pierre Paul and Tuck and we are going to put some points on the board, on the defensive side of the ball we will shut down their run game and make them one dimensional as we do with many teams, but Eli has established himself as one of the elite quarterbacks in the league, d-line has to got to be big and get pressure on him and KEEP HIM IN THE POCKET, the giants are a dangerous team in the scramble drill and that is where a few of their big plays have came from this year. We do those things and we win by two touchdowns. Seahawks game, I am looking forward to it, going to show that puke Pete Carroll where he belongs, at the bottom of the division. I wanna see Bowman, Willis, Goldson, and company put some licks on "Skittles", and send a message to them and the rest of the division that teams don't run the ball on us. I feel that they think that "Skittles" got the best of us last year in Seattle running the ball so I hope we come out and smack him in the mouth early and let him know what he is in for when they try and run the ball on our defense. They have some guys on defense that can play but I think our offensive line is going to knock them around and many different personnel groupings will confuse them and we put up quite a few points and win by a couple touchdowns. Arizona- when we played down there last year, we played like dog s***, to put it mildly, didn't show up to play sixty minutes, and didn't finish the game. We got more talent then they do, they have some weapons in the passing game, I will give them that, with that being said our secondary has played well this year and I feel that we will shut their passing game down and our defensive line will have a good day getting to Kolb. Offense should be able to generate some points and run the ball. If we show up to play, we win easily, if we don't then who knows, hope I am right and we are 7-1 going into bye week, should be fun to watch, and GO NINERS.
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Prob lose to the Giants. Both defenses cancel each other out; but Eli is a better QB than Alex. It'll be close, but I think Giants win it. 6-2.

I think this will be the game where Alex will have to air it out and make use of the weapons that were brought in. I think Jacobs and Manningham have a good productive game. Aside from then NFC championship, we have a great home record.

AZ is due for a trap game and I think they lose 2 before they meet us.

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Our running game will give the giants problems and our defense is a lot better in pass coverage this year just due to continuity and Kyle Williams won't fumble twice. I say we bury these as$holes

thinking 6-2. Nothing simple about gmen three games in the west then chicago. 7-1 is possible but 6-2 is still great. My real question is can we come through it healthy?
neither seattle or arizona has put up many points i dont think either of them has put up 20 points in a single game this season (cardinals you can pinpoint to much of last season too and they have almost same team on offense)

and against our defense? still even if they score around 20 i think our offense is good enough to match that even agaianst great defenses like theirs
Looks like the 7-1 prediction majority were wrong. I thought it would be 6-2, myself. So naturally, the next question is:

What will our record be at the end of the season?

I predict 11-5 or 12-4. We will probably lose one fluke game to an NFC West team, then the Patriots or Bears.
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I thought it'd be 7-1, didn't see the Vikings loss coming.
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I knew it would be 6-2, hoped for 7-1 but I thought we'd lose the Giants + Pack/Lions. Didn't expect it to be the Vikes that beat us.
6-2 is great and we stayed healthy and guys such as Haggens and Cam are coming back for depth and otherds are stepping up more and more (Culliver, Moss/Manningham/Crabtree). Roman is my only concern right now and consistency.

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