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Originally posted by monsterzero789:
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Thought this was going to be a Goldson thread...

This lol

esto - jeje
Ice is a true Niner, I think he will sign for a reasonable contract. I hope we can also keep RJF but he may demand too much money.
Damn gold digger you want to pay everybody
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Sopoaga over paid WTF??

He has pretty much the same contract as McDonald and has started pretty much every game. Sopoaga has been a BIG part of our run defense. Noticed last week when Sopoaga went out, then the very next play Peterson gains 20 yards up the middle.

I think Sopoaga is one of if not the most under appreciated player on this team, its not easy finding good NT's.
Lmao @people judging a 3-4 DE/NT off of sack numbers!
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