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Ian Williams better be active on Sunday

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Originally posted by DynastyPart2:
Yeah, Ginn is active! Although, I have to give props to Williams who has done a good job.

Its not going to be Hunter and Ginn back there. Its going to be Williams and Ginn, which is great, I have no idea why we took Williams of KR after his concussion in Seattle, that was a fluke and a dirty shot by the seahawks. With him and Ginn back there they have to hope for a touchback or worry about big returns every time.
We lose.
I'm pretty confident in RJF and Ian Williams to get things done based on their play last season and how they've looked in the preseason.

The real question is can Alex Smith get the job done?
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how's ian's progress been throughout the season? will he be a future replacement at NT?

Sorry for bumping the thread with that thread title