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sacks on D

Team realize Aldon and Brooks are threats now.

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The Niners have gone against two of the best passing attacks in the NFL. The niners put in as much as 6 DB's where even patrick willis was taken off of the field. The team only rushed 4 guys, sometimes 3 with one OLB dropping into coverage.

Whatever they did worked because being 2-0 is sweet.

I would like to see a little more creativity in the blitzes today just to mess with the 2nd year qb.
This is why I brought this subject up. We didn't get to Ponder quick enough, did we even get a sack? After last year, I think teams have the blue print on how to attack our defense. I hate to say it but I think we could have trouble with teams this year who can both run and pass, especially onces with mobile QB's. Call the vikings game just a bad game on all aspects, maybe it was, but the Vikings had a great game plan against us today. They ran ran ran then pass. They took time off the clock, the same game plan that we implement every week for our offense. The Vikings didn't quit on the run even though our Defense excels in stopping it.

Maybe I'm overthinking.....
matt kalil is the best left tackle in the game wow what a monster
Originally posted by MasterChef:
matt kalil is the best left tackle in the game wow what a monster

LOL omg.
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