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Are you confident we can contain Percy Harvin on returns?

This guy is one of the most dangerous returners in the NFL. Our coverage has been really spotty and disappointing so far this year. Can we step it up and shut him down???
No we allow three TD's to him and lose 21-20
Not really
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It will be a real test.

In the end, we will nullify him
we're never going to punt
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I'm bout to cop da Porsche..
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This makes me wish we can have ginn back. So we can recipeocate the threat.
It seems KW has be instructed to play extremley.
Not worried about him in the return game. Our special teams coverage is fine.

I do think we miss C. Jones & Costanzo a little bit, especially Jones. He was always the first one to the returner, and even if he didn't make the tackle, he would disrupt the returner from sprinting upfield.
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i hope akers always booms them out of endzone
wow surprised everyone has so much doubt
Not really all that concerned, no. If he gets one, he gets one.. either way, we are strong enough to recover from it.
Probably be punting into the back of their end zone for a touch back every kick.
Lol Percy Harvin ain't s**t.
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