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Which teams would you have liked to play this season that we aren't?

Kinda in the mood to club some baby seals.
The Eagles. They still have the potent offense. Their defense seems to improved. See how both teams have improved. And to prove last year wasn't a fluke against them.
Carolina Panties - One of their bone headed defence players started shooting off after Smith said something QB yardage stats, s**t wasnt even personal till he decided to twit something. That team needs a lesson!!

Falcons - Is White still on that team??? I like to see if that dude can strip anyone D this time. Dude needs some smash mouth football. If he ant on the team then there coach needs a good back slap from JH after we smash them!!

Steelers - Big Ben suggested in a non direct way that we may have a bounty out for him . . . . . we need to set this record straight, on the field!

Cowboys - Does not need any explanation.
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Houston, Atlanta, and Cowboys (just cuz I hate the Cowboys).

It's crazy that just a year ago I would have said the Browns and the Raiders. So much more confidence, now.
living in stockton and having stupid raider fans runnin their mouths all the time id love to smash those b*****ds

We would DESTROY them. It would be so sweet.

I always enjoy beating the snot out of the Falcons.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
dallas: revenge for last year

Atlanta - since Nolan is the defensive coordinator, i'd like to see Alex just stick it to him really really BIG
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