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Which teams would you have liked to play this season that we aren't?

After watching action around the league the last two weeks I'd love to stomp the following teams, and shut down the following players:

Carolina - Cameron Newton
Atlanta - Roddy White & Julio Jones
Denver - Peyton
Houston - entire team

Just seeing Cam run wild against everyone so far makes me so eager to want to show the league how it's done.
dallas: revenge for last year
texans we need to play the 2nd best !
Originally posted by cNiner:
texans we need to play the 2nd best !

We will, soon enough
Cowbis and falcons

And also redskins cuz I want to destroy rg3
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Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston.
Oakland- I hate those b***hes with a passion and many of my family members are Raiders fans.

Houston - Best two teams in the league head to head would be sweet

Dallas - See revenge for last year
Cleveland browns. I need a relaxing sunday every once in a while.
Raiders just to beat the s**t out of them for fun
The redskins I'm so sick of hearing from my buddy about rgIII. Oh and yeah I want to get them cowpukes back 2
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Originally posted by StOnEy333:
dallas: revenge for last year

Falcons would be a good test for us.
Falcons for the last two meets

thuh raiduz so we can lead the all-time series. (i think we're like 6-6 against them)

the cowboys.

other than that, i am very content on whom we're playing.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
dallas: revenge for last year

Yeah for me it has to be Dallas I have friends that are big Cowboys fans and id love to see us give them a beat down. Maybe they will sneak into the playoffs and we will see it happen.
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