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49ers first offensive play against the Lions

Soap to the post
Designed rollout specifically for Alex to head towards the Lions sideline and drill Schwartz in the face with a bullet-pass. ... and as Alex walks away, he says, "compliments of Harbaugh, b*tch."

Then we see Schwartz charge at Alex like an indignant child, and Alex right crosses him with a one-n-done punch.
Jumbo package, pitch right to Gore with AD and company rolling over Avril and a twin caboose of LD and DK gets loose and goes down hill for a 27 yard gain.
If Jacobs is playing, let's run a sweep toward schitwarts (sp?).
have we been right on ANY of these so far?

Play action, 20 yards to Crabs.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Alex Smith hits an Eligible Leonard Davis for a 76 yard Td on the wheel route

the game wold be over before he completed his route

ball control FTW
this is getting so dumb
Originally posted by Whomeam:
have we been right on ANY of these so far?

Play action, 20 yards to Crabs.

is anyone even keeping track?
Jim Schwartz starts an all out brawl because Harbaugh smiles when we win the coin toss.
Screen to Manningham

I hope he says something stupid like "they chose to defer I guess they dont want their offense going against us right now" again. That was hysterical last time.
Gire for 6 yards
Gore sweep to the right, the play where Frank feints to the left first (along with some Olinemen) and takes the pitch to the right.
20 bucks says we start off out of the shotgun
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