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49ers first offensive play against the Lions

Smith play fake bootleg 25 yards
play action bomb to Moss 80 yards
Hunter over right side, 5 yards.
Alex Smith will walk 80 yards for a TD
i think we will do a play action pass and have a reletivly deep throw like for 20 + yards
After Hunter returns it to the 38, play action bomb to Crabtree for a 62 yard TD!
Play action to VD = TD
It's going to be called the "f**k your p***y handshake"
Fly sweep to Rashaun Woods!
Originally posted by darkknight49:
Hunter over right side, 5 yards.


Frank gire counter right
PA roll-out to Delani Walker for 14 yards
Colin Kapernick keeper, 80 yard TD!
PA pass to one of our WO, 54 yard TD!
run to gire
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