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Official Post game locker room video thread

since this is a weekly thing might as well keep them in 1 thread

week 1 (@GB) :
week 2 (vs Lions) :
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Love it, this team is so genuinely happy now, god just 2 years ago all i saw was our players heads hanging low.
This team is on a single focused mission -- the SB.
i like how harbaugh said stay humble

it is easy to get carried away the important thing is to never look ahead or count out an opponent

in the years of Harbaugh so far
Damn, that was the most emphatic "Nooooody!" yet! Man, there is no doubt every single player has bought into Harbaugh/team.
Jim was really pushing that "with our MINDS" yesterday.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Jim was really pushing that "with our MINDS" yesterday.

Really echoing the philosophy/mentality Walsh pushed; respect/trust-in in the intelligence of your players, encourage them to express it, and they'll respond. -It's a huge confidence booster for any individual player.
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what did gore say?
Man, they are screaming that "NOBODY" like nobody's bidness!

There was another storyline yesterday about the moola the new stadium is drawing and that may mean the niners can pay to keep the staff around. I think any coach knows turning a team around is slim pickings in terms of success and if the money is good, it's better to stay with a winning team. You move and first you need a top staff and good gm and they are as rare as a dodo omelot. See all the apes exposed as sloths, Nolan, Singledingle and others. I think aside from coaching skills, management requires unique skills not often found anywhere and if you can coach, you still might fail due to not being able to handle people well. Todd Haley is a prime example of not being a leader. I thought a lot about the young players of the last few years even when they were not expecting much from them. I thought they could be good. Now they have proven it and I think they have the right kind of depth with mainly young talented backups with prime older talent like Hacksaw and fred Dean types but with good backups behind them. Jenkins for example may be a bit raw, not strong enough yet etc but this guy could be a world beater when a finished product as he has a real talent for separation plus good hands. Kilgore for another was gushed over last year during preseason as he made a couple of tremendous blocks. He did not play much last year and now looks pretty good. Looney is probably better in terms of power but he probably won't play much. I really liked Netter this year and he probably will get called up as slots open up. They will soon get Cam Johnson and Fleming around if needed around the break. With all the backs they have, they will probably never need Jewel Hampton but he seemed darn good on his highlights. Someone (Baalke) probably has counted and stacked all the cards to draw multiple royal flushes while dealing with the other hand.
Originally posted by billbird2111:
Man, they are screaming that "NOBODY" like nobody's bidness!

with mouth-foaming conviction!
You know the question
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Originally posted by DRnSFw:
what did gore say?

He said, and I quote.. "a ching chong potato".
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
i like how harbaugh said stay humble.
it is easy to get carried away the important thing is to never look ahead or count out an opponent

The part about going forward with humble hearts caught my attention too. He's keeping em grounded.
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