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Most Disgusting moment of 2011

Apart from Kyle Williams stepping into a bouncing punt in the playoffs, I'd say it was Chilo Rachal's game against the Ravens, after Adam Snyder went down. I was screaming, NOOOOO! When I saw number 67 in there on the right side. I think the Niners would've had a better chance with Frank Gore blocking and an extra receiver.
Originally posted by verb1der:
It has to be KW's screw ups in the NFCCG.

For sure. Blowing a Super Bowl is far more disgusting than Cowgirls drowning out other fans' noise.
Dude you have to expect that they do have one of the biggest, if not the biggest fan base in the NFL they travel to a ton of away games not just ours. You can't find a city that doesn't have a good percentage of Cowboys fans. I blame it partially on that whole "Americas team" b******t.

I share the disgust with you however.
giants winning the superbowl.
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