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Help from the Zone to celebrate Coach Jim and Sarah Harbaugh's new baby boy, lil Jack

Originally posted by jreff22:
Originally posted by susweel:
about what ?

Indians aren't named Sanchez

my father is mexican they impregnate everyone.
This was a neat idea and i definitely signed it! Im sure he'll appreciate the fact that the 49er faithful took the time to do this for the new addition to the Harbaugh family.
Signed. Great idea op.
man this sounds great....I'm down.....but only one worry..

what if...*gasp*....he's really thankful and decides to visit the forum

Harbaugh -
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I signed on page 20.
Oh God here we go..

Sara DeBord signed 9/5/12
Shaun signed 9/5/12
Shawn Pal signed 9/5/12
Sheldon Mow signed 9/5/12
Start Tolzien signed 9/5/12
Steve signed 9/5/12
Steve Busichi signed 9/5/12
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Originally posted by 99problems:
probably true. But he's a football coach. Who barely talks to the media at all.
Doubt the interview would start like
"hello everybody just dropped the kids off at school now im ready to practice. BTW my wifes pregnancy is coming along well. any questions?"

He keeps it business, he's also a human being who does have emotions.(believe it or not) gym shorts deffinately believes it lol.

I don't know it seems like it would take very careful and deliberate action to keep something like that a complete secret from the local media for so long
Signed ...

Ok, who signed as Brian Jennings??? I want to know if that was BJ or someone trolling.
LoL Really.. I am pretty sure it wasnt brian jennings.. Anyways great idea and signed!
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