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POLL: Is Colin Kaepernick getting a free pass to No. 2?

POLL: Is Colin Kaepernick getting a free pass to No. 2?

Is Colin Kaepernick automatically number two because 49ers traded up to get him?
I think it's pretty clear coach doesn't work like that. The best players play period and that's one of the reasons the players love playing for him. This isn't the Nolan era where there could be any number of reasons a player played or did not.
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Woohoo the Kaeper

I don't see JH just giving away the #2 spot without earning it.
Not JH's style. He'll field the BEST team he can.
He should be number 1 he's got way more skills than Alexander the great.
Wow. 38% thinks Harbaugh is full of s**t and puts ego ahead of winning.
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I think Tolzien is better than Kaep, so yes.
Kap looks and smells like #2 with flies on it, but it's only year two. Alex looked like crap for six. we need to be patient.

Pre season.
Originally posted by English:
Pre season.

Preseason or not he is staring down his WR's like they are sexy b**ches. Colin is trash
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Originally posted by English:
Pre season.

Only thing is, is that pre season is the time for the back ups to prove their worth. You would kind of hope these 2nd stringers would play a little better. But with that being said, I agree, I think there is a solid reason why we moved up to get him at the #2 spot.He's got talent, he is just a raw and needs to sit and learn the x's and o's. If something happens to Alex we can probably get by with the college type offense he ran at Nevada. Harbaugh and G-Ro were college coaches after all. I feel there is a reason we run a different style with him. And that's because that's what he's more comfortable in at this juncture.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see a good amount of wild cat with him. Get him reps that way. He can defiantly come in and offer teams other dimensions to worry about. To me that is excite!
I feel like his throwing motion puts a mental block on people being able to objectively evaluate him. Also runs do count as much as people want to state otherwise. The throw to moss, the rollout to Jenkins and the 80 yard td run are all plays Tolzien even on Melky juice could never make. Just entirely different ceilings. Obviously IMO.
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