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Lamicheal James lacklusterness....

Are you kidding me. LaMic is going to be a beast. Remember that he didnt get here till mid june. I will say this tho he needs to put on some muscle. I have watched every carry he had and this guy is a game changer. Hunter and James in the same backfield - wow big time problems for the defense. Give it time everyone he will just be fine. Full of himself - you got to be kidding.
What? I mean if you dont bust out a 50 yard TD run on your first 7 carries....I mean what a bust of a em all, fire Baalke, Harbaugh, and tell York to sell the team.....SHUT UP ITS THE PRE SEASON IN HIS ROOKIE YEAR

He got here late. So he's going to be behind. And even he has said so in interviews, and most players would agree.....if you have to think too much, it slows you down.

He hasn't taken any reps behind our starting line.......let's see him take some reps behind our number 1's. Even Jacobs looks like a beast behind the number 1's.

They aren't going to show all of special ways they are going to use him yet. Even though I wish they would make the preseason more fun, but Harbaugh and Roman aren't going to tip their hand. It's gonna be VANILLA.

Hunter is looking very strong right now, but he's had a full year under his beat. I have full confidence in him.

I'm glad we got a full stable of backs.......but I think Dixon is a goner!
not reading through 6 pages, but you wanna know if he's having an impact??

rewatch that Kaep TD run, there is a reason the DE crashed down so hard. LMJ has that kind of ability that a DE does not want to not be there when he cuts back. So he was trying to account for LMJ...yes the kid still needs to learn, he'll start to play quicker/faster. not worried one bit.
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Another 2nd rd bust, Baalke's gotta nice little streak going.
Originally posted by susweel:
Another 2nd rd bust, Baalke's gotta nice little streak going.

dont feed the troll
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by susweel:
Another 2nd rd bust, Baalke's gotta nice little streak going.

dont feed the troll

Man you no fun lol
There is no "but" after it's extremely early...especially in preseason. The end.
Darren sproles did not look good his rookie year either...and look at how much of an impact player he is now. Bottom line is its way too early to tell and way way way too early for this thread.
I just hope he doesn't turn out like corny sheets, i mean kory sheets. Where the speed and elusiveness he had in college didn't translate to the NFL. When sheets was on our team alot of you guys swore we had signed barry sanders. All you guys are posers, birds of the same feathers lol ah man

Originally posted by BobS:
You can't compare the two. If there is one position a rookie is most likely to make an immediate impact in the NFL it is running back, the QB position is least likely. All the others fall somewhere in between. The RBs who can't translate college success to the pros are exposed pretty quick.

Yup..............good s**t bro
I thought he looked good last game, no?
I am from Oregon and a Ducks season ticket holder, I have watched plenty of LaMike. He does look diminutive and need to put on some muscle in comparison to the NFL. But at Oregon the weightlifting and training regiment is designed for speed and agility not so much an NFL bulk muscle style. I think after a year of the NFL style strength training program he will transform into a more quality NFL back. He still is a special talent you cant teach the vision and speed he has, he was a great runner between the tackles hitting little gaps and being tough while elusive and quick. I would rest easy with LaMike he did some damage to Harbaugh's Stanford teams so he knows best if he can translate to the NFL. Think MJD and Sproles, we got a good one.
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Reminds me a lot of dexter carter
Originally posted by NickSh49:
The saddest thing about this thread is the assumption that LMJ is full of himself

This thread is so full of b******t. Just awful.

Exactly.where the "he's full of himself" b******t came from id like to know.never heard of such 'bout dude.seen him on numerous interviews and pre/post draft stuff,dude seems cool n down to earth.

Personally I think some people just like pullin s**t out their asses sometimes,throwin it against the wall and seein if it sticks.
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