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Who will be the 49ers best free agent pickup this year?

Who will be the 49ers best free agent pickup this year?

Uh, bro? How did you forget Manningham? Heh. He's my choice. He's going to be huge for us in the slot.
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Chris Owusu.

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Ikaika-is that you? Everything you post is Alama Francis-haha
Jacobs can have the most impact on those shortage situations and goal line situation. Cause without first downs, Moss and Manning ham will have fewer opportunity.
Unless our starting rg pulls a chilo, leonard won't get a chance to prove himself.
Rock Cartwright all the way.
I feel like everyone has been underrated Mario in the zone and not talking about him much. Most of the attention is on Moss, but I think Crabtree-Manningham will make a great duo of receivers
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all of em are good, nice job Baalke

Im goin with Cartwright
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Alex Smith.
In order:

Sir Randall Moss - The Ageless Superfreak
Super Mario Manningham - possession receiver who'll keep the chains moving, especially on 3rd down.
Big Brandon Jacobs - defenses don't want none on short yardage downs.
Perish Black Cox - WRs will get pounded by Cox all night long.

I see another Executive of the Year award for Trent Baalke.
Thinking that Moss and MM will cancel themselves out in terms of statistical impact, and therefor get ignored by most fans... My votes gotta go to Jacobs when he starts breaking 3rd and 1's for long gains and touchdowns against 9in the box. Our Oline is looking beastly and Jacobs will benefit against stacked boxes.

But don't overlook PC, he may not show up on the stats but against the spread offenses we are playing he could be the unsung hero that makes a qb hold one to the ball a second longer rather than throwing to his last read. Resulting in a sacks and hopefully fumbles.
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Alex Smith.

Oh, doe! Uhm yeah, like forgot he was a FA and stuff.
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