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Awesome Quote from Bakhtiari

he's the next clay matthews since he works out with him.
The Odd OLB Couple: Bakhtiari bonded with Packers' Matthews

He appears to have a legitimate shot this summer as he bids to become the No. 4 OLB. And he'll have an excellent chance to showcase his ability on Saturday in Houston given the 49ers' OLB shortage. Aldon (hip) is out and Brooks and Cam Johnson have not practiced this week. Bakhtiari readied himself for his latest opportunity by training and living with Matthews for four months in S. California. Connected by a mutual friend, they worked out at Proactive Sports Performance in Westlake Village with a group that included Ravens LB Jameel McClain, Jets CB Antonio Cromartie and Broncos OT Ryan Clady. Matthews said the six-day-a-week, two-workout-a-day program weeds out the "riff-raff" and he found a kindred spirit in Bakhtiari. The pair hit it off so well that Matthews was quick to offer Bakhtiari a place to stay.
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he's the next clay matthews since he works out with him.

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I like that Bakhtiari guy, would make for a good special teamer and/or injury replacement to one of our starters

is he indian?
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I really like this quote from Eric Bakhtiari that I saw posted in an article. He might be a bit of a homer and just saying this in hopes finally making a roster. However, I believe Bakhtiari is sincere and this is why people enjoy playing for Harbaugh.....he is fair, will do what is best for the TEAM and he doesn't hold favorites. Not drafting Fleener may prove this as well.

"He's the greatest coach I've ever played for and that will probably remain true until my dying day," he told Branch in June. "I do know if I do make this team it's because I earned it. And I know that if I don't make this team it's because someone else outperformed me. That's the best thing about coming here. I'll know, 100 percent, one way or the other."

Great quote. Love hearing that kind of talk about our coaches. Everyone has to earn that spot on the team.
Damn thats some real talk from Bakhtiari, dudes got his head in the right place.
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will get cut

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