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A good sense of humor

Originally posted by Muggins:
He was a good dude but yeah he's forever going to be locked in as that guy...

Originally posted by Young2Rice:
Not in my head. He's going to be the guy who plowed the way for our all time leading rusher.

Originally posted by TXNinerFan52

In 1994, Kirksey began his NFL coaching career with the responsibility of coaching the NFL's all-time reception and receiving yards leader Jerry Rice. Under Kirksey, Rice set an NFL record with 1,848 receiving yards, while setting a career high of 122 receptions in 1995. From 1994-99 Rice caught 606 passes for 6,666 yards. Kirksey's receivers helped set a Super Bowl record in Super Bowl XXIX with six touchdown catches, including three by Rice.
Taken from the Houston Texas web site

Let's be real, at that point Rice was doing the teaching, not the other way around lol
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