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How Unpredictable Do You think Our Offense Will Be to Defenses In 2012?

Originally posted by stillpans4gold:
Hard not be excited after last year, when we saw a things the NFL had never seen, with a new coach without an offseason....

Have you ever had that girl, that isn't really perused or noticed by a lot of guys, but there's just something about her that you just find F'in stunning? And it's kind of cool 'cus you feel like you're the only one with the power to view it?....

Anyway… That's kind of how I feel about the Niners right now….

- What do I hear over and over and over and over in the NFL media? "QB driven league"

- The only constant is change, and the NFL is no exception. I absolutely love it when analysts give the 'ol, well they're good but they don't have an elite QB.

- Yep. Keep chasing an ageing "norm": Seattle, Arizona. You put all your stock into that "pop"-culture ideal, and what happens, you turn your back on the rest of the team, treading water to keep up with the rest of the NFL.

- Within' a year, we've gone from the "Dark Ages" with Sing and Nolan, being the team chasing the most out of date mold, to the NFL's innovator.

- That's what I love about Harb, he's not trying to build success through models, he's an INVENTOR!

- Buckle up boys, it's gonna be a fun year!

Love the post! And I think JH is doing exactly your Webzone handle...and he is doing it his way, albeit differently than others.

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Originally posted by RishikeshA:
Last year we saw wrinkles in the running game that caught defenses off balance. The offense did not have enough time or the weapons to be a force last season in the passing game. Randy Moss will be the best wide out we've seen since Jerry Rice, and I put him ahead of TO. With Moss and Vernon going deep it sets up for a Victor Cruz type to emerge. Manningham will get his, he has knack of being invisible and then boom a big play when you least expect it. I'm still gun shy of Kyle Williams but he could be the possession receiver. Crabtree had a chance in the Championship game to prove everybody wrong, but he didn't. One last and final note on the Championship game, the Giants were giving really cheap shots to the heads of 49er receivers all game long.
Exactly!! JH & Baalkie, I think, went out and drafted/purchased players that fit what they want to do on offense. JH won'r be held back by talent at the WR position this season. Had JH had these players at his disposal last season I have no doubt that we would have won the SB. It's scary (scary for other teams that is) to think that we did what we did with so little on offense. Now with these new weapons get fully installed via a full preseason I doubt there will be many places for a defense poke holes in this offense. A talented roster + a creative offensive minded coaching staff = a dangerous team few can match up with.

Man, I can't wait
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