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Countdown: 0 days to preseason kickoff!!!! (Its the Mayo Lite version)

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Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:
Aye Carumba I really stepped in it this time! Sorry Mayo, from now on I will resist the "the temptation of the countdown"! LMAO

Don't worry about it. Nobody has claim over threads. More power too you, bro.
Originally posted by Ronnie49Lott:
Well here we go again. This time with a much better sense of what to expect from the Niners. I looked at a post on the RZ and thought we might need a countdown thread here as well. As much as we fight from time to time there is one thing that unifies all that enter the WZ..........

Can't wait until kickoff
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this countdown isnt even being updated fail
Originally posted by defenderDX:
this countdown isnt even being updated fail
Maybe you should have started it then.

31 days to go for all those that aren't pissed!!!!!!
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Originally posted by tohara3:

Time is just creeping! It's going to seem like forever that last week.
Where's DANADA??
Thirty-one days to kick off? Come on.
Originally posted by stillpans4gold:
It hit me this week! I was still in the "May" mind-set, and June just flew by. Looked at the calendar this morning and realized the first preseason game is only five weeks away!!!

My BFF(Best-Forty-Niner-Friend) hates preseason, while I actually love it. I get severe anxiety for regular season games, and preseason is the only time I can watch a Niner game relaxed, plus I love seeing what rookies/backups look like and in Niner threads!

P.S. I've asked before, but what the hell is this thing? It has got to be referencing something. I just have no idea.

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