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Which "Catch" is your favorite?

Which "Catch" is your favorite?

THE Catch is arguably one of the most monumental moments in league history. The other two hold prominence mainly within our fanbase.

Catch 1: Wasn't alive then, but love the hell out of it.

Catch 2: Definitely pretty sweet cause I have a bunch of cheeseheads friends and beating them in that fashion was unreal. Screw the Pack. haha

Catch 3: Easily was the most emotional one out of witnessing 2 & 3 myself. I went crazy when Alex thread the needle & zipped it to VD. I was so happy for the both of them because of all the crap they've dealt with from the media & even us over the years.

So I voted The Catch 3.
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I'm too lazy to look this up...

Did all 3 catches land in the same endzone? If so, which one?

Any other quirky facts happen during these moments? (Besides all of them being on 3rd and 3).
Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Only one "The Catch" Montana to Rice

Second isnt even on the list. Montana to Taylor to win SB 23
The second should be Montana to Taylor, no doubt.

Still, Three, Smith to VD, was great, unexpected, timely, and recent. So I like it alot!
3rd and 3 with the game on the line has been outstanding for us. I love all three but as someone pointed out already THE CATCH propelled us to a superbowl victory. There is really no comparison but man all three of those throws were money! GO NINERS!
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Originally posted by stillpans4gold:
Give it some time…

"Legendary" is defined by timelessness, which takes "time" to gain perspective and see it's place in history. The moments preceding the event often control how legendary it become…

"The Catch"

- A lot of people forget that there was still 51 seconds left in this game and Dallas was only down by 1 point.

- Had Dallas not fumbled and kicked a field goal… would the term "The Catch" ever been hatched. Certainly the photos, the excitment, the moment wouldn't have changed at all. But Dallas didn't score, and the Niners went on to win the SB. Cementing the moment in Lore.

"The Catch II"

I feel like this Catch has now had enough time to settle into its place in history. Maybe even the perspective of the Catch III has made it even clearer. In a way, this "Catch" marked a transition of power. I feel like the Catch II marked the last great Moment - the encore - of the greatest NFL dynasty in history. In less than five years, the Niners would slip into a long, depressing Dark Age…

"The Catch III"…………?

Many have pointed out that this Catch, like The Catch II, is tainted due to the fact that we didn't go on to win the SB and had a disappointing loss the next week. But years down the road have yet to be played out. Think about this…."IF" we go on to be a strong SB contender and WIN and SB in the next year or two, wouldn't it be appropriate to look at this moment as a defining realization that can be viewed as a magic spark of the "Renaissance" providing confidence and motivation that propels us into a new era?

Regardless of your favorite. You've got to love the 3rd and 3 on all 3 coincidence (or was it???).

As for my favorite.... I was (–2)-years-old in 1982, 12 in 1997. Nothing compares to the emotion and out of body experience of the Catch III, I cried… literally cried.

So, you were negative 2 years in old in 1982, and 12 in '97?

Actually, that does add up. Kinda.
The one that came down like a punt
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