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Alex Smith Documentary

I found this on the 49ers Faithful Forum (a group I am joined in on Facebook) this person made and shared with everyone.

You can move this in the Alex Smith thread I dont know why I did not put it in there.
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I watched. was great to relive moments from the season. I hope Hope HOPE we get much more of that this year
Absolutely spectacular.
The studio that produced it....

Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
The studio that produced it....

That's a great f*ck'n video of any this year. That's a better 2011 yearbook video than the sanitized NFL version. As it turn out, not so much about Alex Smith but more about the comeback of Alex Smith coincided with the Niners resurgence.

Good sh*t
not trying to hate on the video but that first clip he shows of alex throwing an INT against the colts say "2005". this is incorrect. the video he showed was from 2009 when we played in indy. the game from 2005 when alex threw 4 picks was his first start and happened in san fran. sorry bro's!
That was awesome! Brought back all the memories from the season and the win against the Saints. Alex Smith will have many more moments like this for the 49ers and I couldn't be happier for the guy. I don't know of any player in the NFL that has had to go what Alex has gone through and yet you NEVER hear Alex make any exuses or blame anyone. I have told my son to look at what Alex Smith is doing as an example of how he should conduct himself.

I have been an Alex Smith fan from the moment we drafted him and I am happy he has finally had some success. He should have even more success this year.

Great video, and thanks to whomever made it!
Wow...that was incredible. Just makes you really appreciate what Harbaugh has done for this team. And re: Alex...well what can you say? The kid is damn role model for not just kids...but EVERYONE out there. No matter HOW BAD it matter what people say...hard work, perseverance, and old school dogged determination pays off.

Go Forty f**kin' Niners!

the last 10 minutes made me tear so much i started s**tting tears
This x 100
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
The studio that produced it....

Classic over-use of this GIF. Seriously .. that GIF has no purpose in this thread.
still... LOL @ Gregg Williams callin crabs a "fake ass primmadonna." Gregg - look in the mirror, you're f**kING FIRED YOU b***h. SHUT THE f**k UP AND NEVER COACH IN THE NFL AGAIN YOU GOAT DICK PIECE OF s**t
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