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I met Patrick Willis and now I hate him.

Originally posted by boqi:
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Because it is too pathetic and ridiculous to be this disgruntled over that exchange. Absolutely ridiculous.

I agree - what happened is ridiculous!

I doubt any of you have met him - or if you have he was probably in a better mood. But why the ignore on Twitter? That's what gets me.

Who gives a f*ck about Twitter?? I'm so glad #52 doesn't. The 49er franchise would be better of without you as a fan, so do everyone a favor and engross yourself with the sport of Curling. Your sensitivities would be more appropriate with that sport. You were obviously putting out some creepy vibes, so hopefully this incident gives you some self-awareness.
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To the original poster, my GF says, "That dude needs to get his tampon out of his @$$"

You tell woman you're on the zone?
Hahahaha I wonder what you were expecting?....what you thought hed be waiting for you with open arms invite you to all his games first class, get married, have a couple of kids with a white picket fence?.......get over it dude.....Professional athletes have enough to deal with on a regular basis.......
Originally posted by Young2Rice:
You tell woman you're on the zone?

I was lucky enough to find one that loves the Niners as much as I do
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Get the f**k outta here. Only true Niner fans are allowed.
Originally posted by boqi:
I'm bored ATM so I thought I'd share a little story that happened to me recently:

I met Patrick Willis last week (6/18) on my airplane flying from ATL to San Jose. I noticed him at the gate but I wasn't sure if it was him until he boarded first class. After everyone got on the plane I asked the attendant if I could walk up to first class to "talk to someone I might know." She says that's fine, so I walk up there and find him sitting at the window seat with his tray down, computer out, and listening to earbuds. I lean over and say, "Excuse me, are you Patrick Willis?"

PW removes his earbuds slowly and quietly says, "Yes sir." I'm absolutely sure that NOBODY else recognized him, even the guy sitting next to him, because out of the corner of my eye I see him cluelessly do a triple take at PW and give a nonchalant shrug.

I go on. Like a nervous schoolgirl, I say, "I'm Matt. I'm just a huge fan of yours and 49er fan..." (In fact, I have his jersey but I forget to tell him). I shake his hand. Then I ask him if I can take a picture with him. He mumbles something inaudible but I get the gist of it - he wants to take the picture after we land. I say "oh of course that's fine." It would have been an awkward picture to take with the guy sitting in the way anyways. "I'm way back there" I say pointing to Coach Class, "but I'll try to catch up to you. Thanks!" And I walk back to my seat.

After we land I hurry up to the front to catch up to him to take the picture. He isn't waiting at the gate so I dash through the airport down to baggage claim/ground transportation hoping he's just walking slow. He's gone.

A couple days later I tell my friend this story and he tweets him for me (I don't have Facebook or Twitter). He says "My buddy Matt says he met you on an airplane from ATL to SJC and wanted to take a picture. Then you took off, what happened?!?"

To this day, he hasn't responded to my friend. This is NOT how you treat your fans. It took a lot of guts to walk up to first class and talk to him. I don't know if he realizes that. Plus, you know how hard it is to recognize football players in real life? It's probably one of the hardest sports to do it for, and as I mentioned, I'm sure nobody else recognized him. Then he ignores me and my friend on Twitter, which we KNOW he's active on. I understand he likely forgot to take the picture with me (it's a long flight) but he had his chance to redeem himself on Twitter. Instead he comes across as a douche.

I am telling you this story for 2 reasons;

1. Patrick Willis is a total tool. I thought the guy was cool but now I hate him. He deserves to be called out.

2. Should I continue to root for the Niners? And what should I do with his jersey? I'll sell it to someone. PM me.

Wow. Just wow. You fail at life if you believe that Patrick Willis did anything wrong. You're lucky he even spoke to you, much less call you sir. And then acting all b***h-like because he didn't reply to your friend's tweet? You're not even man enough to tweet him yourself, you had to have a friend do it for you? You are more of a b***h than any woman I know.
Originally posted by JimmyTV:
I literally JUST signed up to become a member so I could tell you what a frighteningly idiotic stalker you are. Leave the man alone. This is why people should not homeschool their kids.

Originally posted by JerseyNiner:
you made me login to tell u STFU u dumb F***&*^ get a life the world dont revolve around u so he didnt wait for u at the end of the flight when it landed REALLY??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A N D he has a life to u f***&*& idiot wow go home get sum A**&&& and move on ur a waste of time be glad he took his earbuds out to even acknowledge u lol U SHOULD BE BANNED TO TRY TO START A POST ABOUT THE TOP 10 Player in the NFL a NINER like P. WIllis who if u kno anything abot his life would give him the benefit of the doubt bout him not being there GTFO!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMBA*& awwww man i feel better now loggin off to continue my life suggest u do the same

lol I wasnt going to comment but because two other guys signed in JUST to call your ass out i gotta get on the dog pile too. You sir, need to get the sand out of your vajayjay.

that is all.

Seriously? I met Willis in his junior year in college, he was very nice young fella. You might have caught him on a bad day, but you are totally overreacting in any case, man up.
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He dissed one of my friends at a movie theater but it's understandable. Your little encounter was probably the 10th he's had that day alone.
LOL he did respond!!!/PatrickWillis52
[ Edited by awol36 on Jun 27, 2012 at 7:38 PM ] wanted him to wait at the gate so you could have your picture taken? And then you would move on and let the line forming behind you a chance to get pictures? How nice of you. Even drawing attention to him on the airplane was a bit much, let alone asking him to wait for you at the gate. Geez, I do hope you are joking.
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I read this thread and now I hate the OP
Originally posted by awol36:
LOL he did respond!!!/PatrickWillis52

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