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49ers you liked that didn't win a championship

Originally posted by TDilvr:
Cody Pickett was way awesome....until he actually got into a game and went all Nate Davis on us.

He was an utterly failure in the CFL a few years ago with Toronto. I was pulling for him, though
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Kevin Gogan
Ummm.....Rumph wasn't good because of injuries. He was just plain terrible
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Besides anyone from the current roster (because that would clutter up the thread)

My faves are:

Jeff Garcia
Garrison Hearst
Terrell Owens
Jessica Simpson's husband Eric Johnson
Dave Fiore
Chris Doleman
Andre Carter
Junior Bryant
Derek Smith
Mike Rumph
Tony Parrish

Derek Smith and Mike Rumph?
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Jeff Ulbrich
Bryant Young
Garrison Hearst
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Garrison Hearst
Jeff Garcia
Julian Peterson
Tai Streets
Terrell Owens
Eric Jonnson
Scott Gragg
Dave Fiore
Chike Okeafor
Jeff Ulbrich
Derek Smith
Jamie Winborn
Ahmed Plummer
Garcia and Owens
Ahhh Julian Peterson....
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Lawrence Phillips

But seriously, it would have to be Garrison Hearst. He was a battler. And BY was lucky he got his in his rookie year...

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